Vancouver Aquarium Protest

Rather than a thinly-veiled theme park using dolphins as aquatic acrobats, we have an incredible opportunity to transition the Stanley Park aquarium to a truly conservation organization. #EmptyTheTanks

Coyotes used for fur

Though they can easily stop selling them, men's denim Brooklyn Clothing store sells fur-trimmed jackets from Canada Goose, Parajumper, and Moose Knuckle that use raccoon-dog, farmed fox, and leghold-trapped coyotes skins.

Arctic fox

In Canada alone, more than 3,300,000 foxes, coyotes, minks, and other fur-bearing animals are killed each year so wealthy fashionistas can wear their class status on their coats.

Rescued racehorses

Stanley, Camila, and Pisces were all discarded by the racing industry. They were destined for slaughter, but adopted by compassionate families so they can live, love, and be loved.

Blue shark

Though the risk of a shark attack remains extremely low (about 1 in 11.5 million, exactly 152 reported fatalities since records began in 1580), an estimated 26-73 million sharks are killed each year for their fins alone. Only a quarter or third of the sharks killed is even recorded or reported.

November 18, 2014

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July 06, 2014

Activist Marley answers common questions posed by Calgary Herald journalist

Marley addresses questions about her experience with horses and the imperative for an independent, national veterinary review of the Calgary Stampede's riding practices.

July 04, 2014

Stampede Lockdown at Calgary Chuckwagon Races

Calgary, AB - On Friday evening, two of our activists locked themselves to the railing on the inside track at the GMC Rangeland Derby. They locked down in the race route in protest of the bloodsport. The police responded to the protest by covering the activists with the same black tarps that are used to cover dead horses. The police then cut our activists locks and detained them.
For videos and photos see our media page.
While animal advocates generally oppose all rodeo events due to their inherent exploitation of and injuries inflicted on animals, the chuckwagon races are especially abhorrent. In the past 28 years, more than 60 horses have been horrifically killed during chuckwagon races; horses avoided death in only 7 different years; and horses have been killed the last 9 years. As well, hundreds of animals are used and often injured or killed while training for these events. Terror, death and injury for animals are intrinsic to chuckwagon races. Rodeo officials and drivers claim that new rules make the sport humane and safe, yet horses continue to suffer and die. The Vancouver Animal Defense League is calling on the event to be banned.
Following the Stampede's alleged improvements to the deadly chuckwagon races in 2011, two horses were killed in a 2011 Stampede chuckwagon race, three horses were killed and one horse was wounded in a 2012 chuckwagon race, and one horse collapsed and died right after the 2013 chuckwagon race, for a total of more than 60 chuckwagon-related horse deaths in 28 years. Furthermore, the person tasked with allegedly "auditing" animal welfare at the Stampede, Jennifer Woods, has been presented in media as an "independent animal welfare expert" and "veterinarian," yet she is neither. Ms. Woods, owner of J. Woods Livestock Services, receives compensation from the Calgary Stampede, as opposed to being an impartial third party; and she is not a D.V.M., i.e., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, she has a master's in veterinary preventative medicine, which pertains to the health of animal populations. Why won't the Stampede consult an animal-welfare panel comprising experts who are (a) actual veterinarians; (b) not in the Stampede's pocket? The Calgary Stampede's alleged animal-welfare improvement program is PR spin.
Last year, Hueyan outrider horsecollapsed and died of a pulmonary hemorrhage. Driver Doug Irvine’s response to the death was utterly oblivious to Huey's agonizing death: "His lungs filled up with blood, and he passed very quickly. That was the relieving thing, that he went fast and he didn’t suffer.” Huey did indeed suffer, and die, for entertainment.
GMC is the major sponsor of the Rangeland Derby. The Vancouver Animal Defense League calls on GMC to stop paying for a bloodsport that terrifies, maims and kills horses. We also call on the great many opponents of the derby to contact GMC and express their outrage:

UPDATE: One horse was injured during the chuckwagon race and was sent the

Media, Stampede Lockdown #GMCKillsHorses #StampedeLockdown

More than 60 horses have been killed in the last 28 years during the chuckwagon races alone.
In the first 16 years, there were 28 horse deaths.
In the next 10 years after that, there were 29 horse deaths.
That comes to an increase of 66% despite “safety improvements” being made along the way.
Records have been kept for 28 years. During that time, only 4 years had no fatalities. That works out to 14%. That means there is a fatality 85.7% of the time.


June 11, 2014

150 activists crash the grand opening party at Vancouver Aquarium

More than 150 activists crashed the grand opening party at the Vancouver Aquarium on Tuesday evening. Thanks but no tanks. The new tanks will never compare to a life of freedom in the ocean where they belong.

May 23, 2014

Empty the Tanks! This Saturday!

March 26, 2014

VADL activists disrupt Vancouver Aquarium dolphin show!

Vancouver Animal Defense League activists disrupted the dolphin show at the Vancouver Aquarium on Tuesday.  The activists purchased tickets for the show and surprised onlookers with their signs during the performance.  The signs said 'Captivity is cruel!',  'Kidnapped, not rescued!', 'Life in a bathtub!', 'Dolphins are dying to entertain you!'.  They displayed their signs one at a time, and as each activist was escorted out, another stood up.  One Aquarium employee compared the action to a 'whack-a-mole' game.
The global anti-captivity movement is growing stronger thanks to documentaries like The Cove and Blackfish.  People are starting to understand that facilities like Seaworld, Marineland and the Vancouver Aquarium exploit cetaceans for entertainment because it is extremely profitable, not because it's humane or beneficial to the animals in any way.  The Vancouver Aquarium does an excellent job of putting a spin on